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Therapy Dogs Can Help Students Study For Finals

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.56.12 PMHere’s a new one.. students at Johnson and Whales College discovered a little known secret that therapy dogs help students at finals time by calming them down allowing for better study habits.


“It’s a nice stress reliever. And a distraction. And it reminds me of home, also, because I have a dog and I miss my dog. And it’s nice to be able to play with dogs because you’re on campus and there’s not dogs on campus,” Sarah Hellwig, a freshman, said.

Studies have proven that playing with dogs produces a stress-relieving hormone called oxytocin. Two women who brought the dogs to play with the students Monday said the humans weren’t the only ones benefiting from playing on campus.

“The dogs just love it, this is what they’re made for,” Maureen Robinson, who owns one of the therapy dogs, said. “But my dog will be asleep on the way home in the car. He will just crash. This is what he lives for.”

The dogs are very sensitive they said and have a calming influence

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