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Top 5 Tips On How To Help Dogs Handle Separation Anxiety

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

If you often leave your dog home alone when you go to work or travel somewhere far, you may have encountered coming home with a bored dog damaging some of your most precious furniture, pillows, and the likes.

Many think that their dogs have misbehaved badly and rebels out of you leaving them alone at home. But most of the time, they just simply express their panic and their anxieties whether or not you will come back home or not.

Out of panic, they chew things, scratch anywhere or dig up. They think that this is a way to reunite with the family again. Here are top five tips to help them as the owner handle their separation anxiety well.

Start by putting on your jacket, then sit back down. Open and close the door, then sit down. After a while, walk out the door for 10 seconds, then 20, then a minute and so on. Little by little your dog will learn that when you leave, you will return.

Teach your dog a word or action that you use every time you leave that tells your dog you’ll be back.

Help comfort your dog while you’re gone by leaving a piece of clothing that smells like you—like an old T-shirt that you’ve slept in recently.

Before you leave, give your dog a toy stuffed with a treat. It will keep her busy while you’re away and she’ll enjoy the treat!

Don’t make a big deal out of coming and going. When you arrive home, ignore your dog for the first few minutes and then calmly pet her.

After having tried all these and more, and you find that you dog keeps on misbehaving when you leave them alone at home, then it won’t hurt to seek from advice from dog experts. Even your vet may have a helpful means to help you out. Check out the link here for more information.

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