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Check Out If Your Dog Is In The List Of The Most Ancient Dog Breeds

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Have you ever wondered if the dog you own is one of the oldest and rare dog breeds in the world right now? Or if not, do you ever wish you own one? With the help of comprehensive DNA analysis along with some historical backup info, experts are able to come up with the an interesting list of the most ancient dog breeds in the world.

Afghan Hounds

Afghan hounds fall into the ancient group. In fact, they were called “ancient” long before the advent of genomics. In 1925, an article published in “The Dog Fancier” had the declarative title: “The Afghan Hound Is an Ancient Breed.” Canine experts at the time even thought that the dogs “entered the ark with Noah” and were the world’s first ever dogs.


Basenjis look remarkably like dogs featured in ancient Egyptian art. Drawings found in the tombs of the 2700 B.C. Great Pyramid of Khufu show such dogs seated near the feet of their owners, or under chairs.

Alaskan Malamute

Nearly all DNA studies of dogs find that Arctic breeds, such as the Alaskan malamute, stand apart from modern breeds.


“Saluki” is thought to derive from two early Sumerian words meaning “plunge-earth.” What that means exactly, in reference to the dogs, remains a mystery, but it is known that Salukis were historically bred in the Fertile Crescent where agriculture is widely believed to have originated.

Greenland Sled Dog

The Greenland sled dog, also sometimes referred to as a sledge dog, is yet another early East Asian breed.

Chow Chow

Wayne and his team found that only two East Asian breeds, the chow chow and Akita, “had higher (genomic) sharing with Chinese wolves” than other breeds.

Whatever is the kind of dog breed you prefer in the list, what’s most important is the privilege that we can still have dogs in our lives. Regardless of the breed, they will certainly serve as our dearest best pals around.

Still it could be so much fun to boast around if you find out your dog is such a rare breed at this time of modern age and time. Check out the complete dog breed list here.

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