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Discover The Perfect Christmas Gifts To Give Your Dogs

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Wikimedia Commons

Even dogs love getting gifts during very special occasions like Christmas. But have you ever thought about what to really give them? Maybe you are thinking of giving your furry friends a new dog house, a fashionable collar or any other modern and great dog gear.

It can be a challenge to unravel what our dogs really want for Christmas. This is for the obvious reason that they can’t talk or write their own Christmas wish list. But here is a good list of ideas to start with from Dogster:


No, I’m not talking about a new iPhone or tablet. Dogs’ needs are much simpler. One major thing a dog craves is attention from his favorite people. Even though we’re busier than a colony of ants during the holidays, leave time to pet your dog. A new study out this year showed us that when they look lovingly into human eyes, dogs enjoy a spike of oxytocin, often called the “love hormone.” That love hormone flows both ways, and we get a nice boost too when we look into a dog’s eyes.

Play time

Who doesn’t love to play? Play is one of the seven primary emotional systems discovered by neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, whose research showed that all mammals have the following emotional systems: play, panic/grief, fear, rage, seeking, lust, and care. I believe seeking is a part of play, so create lots of games where your dog is seeking something he wants. You can do this with mind puzzles or nosework — hide delicious treats around the house, and turn your dog and his powerful nose loose to go find the yummy treats.

Mental and physical stimulation

Most people understand that their dog needs a walk at least once a day, but how many owners make a plan to engage their bright dog’s mind? Instead of a rushed walk where your goal is to tire out your pup, try instead to go on a Sniffer Walk where you walk slowly and permit your dog to sniff, sniff, sniff his way around your neighborhood. Dogs love to sniff, so why not indulge them this holiday season? Believe it or not, lingering around that fire hydrant is a great present to your dog!


This coming holiday season, take the time to view their lives from their own perspective, and not solely from yours. It won’t take so much of your time to look into their eyes and try to understand how they feel about you and the family they belong to. Check out the rest of the gift ideas that are sure to make your pet dogs happier in this link.

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