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Dogs Are the Best Solution to Cure Children’s Anxiety

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Do your children always come to a close of begging you to give them a pet dog? Maybe after reading this article, you would be a little more convinced of finally getting them one. A recent research discovered how children can be a lot less anxious when it comes to owning a pet pal.

The research was done through 18 long months conducted by experts from different institutions such as the Dartmouth Medical School, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and the Basset Medical Center. Their study involved 700 kids within a pedia care setting somewhere in upstate New York.

Before they took their child to their annual visit, parents answered questions about their child’s BMI, physical health, mental health, screen time, and pet status. In addition to the child’s mental health, researchers also took the parents mental health into account and screened them for depression.

Throughout the children test subjects, their BMI, physical activity, and screen time did not differ an extraordinary amount whether they had a dog or not. However, researchers did find 21 percent of children without dogs met the clinical threshold for anxiety and related disorders. Of those with dogs, only 12 percent met the threshold.

Study authors wrote, “Pet dogs could reduce childhood anxiety, particularly social and separation anxiety, by various mechanisms.” Dogs serve as a stimulation of conversation for kids; this has an ice-breaking effect that can greatly reduce anxiety.

When children are exposed to adult dogs when young and have positive experiences, it can prevent the evolution of anxiety into full-fledged disorders later in life.

More studies have found interacting with dogs can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and can actually increase the happy hormone oxytocin. This means that dogs make you happy.

Not only are dogs beneficial to your child’s mental health, but they are also good for their physical health. A relatively new study has found that kids who grow up with a dog in the home are less likely to develop asthma.

It may worry you that getting a dog might harm your children. But after having read this study, then maybe the dogs can bring your kids a lot more benefits than harm. With dogs as their best pals, they can grow up healthier with an extremely reduced level of anxiety.

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