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Their Dark Past Is Behind Them Now. So Here Are Tips On How You Can Raise A Happy Rescue!

Dog rescues are truly admirable, however, the story doesn’t end there. After the rescue lies a long journey of recovery that requires a lot of time, patience, affection, and love. Over time, with all of these and the necessary medical care, a rescued dog will again be able to thrive, live healthy and have the happy life that they deserve.


But as mentioned, looking after a rescued dog is not a piece of cake.


If you’re fostering or taking care of a rescued pooch, here are some useful advice from the expert, Rhonda Langille. To know more, visit her feature at the CBC.


1. Patience and positivity
2. Show your dog love, love and — more love
But remember, the dog needs to respect you.
3. Follow through
When you’ve asked the dog to do something, follow through until it happens using gentle methods.
4. Use the focus command
Make sure you make eye contact with the dog and keep him focussed on you.
5.  Teach your dog that you two are buddies
After an unfortunate past, some dogs would immediately feel the love and will bond with their new family right away. However, some rescues would still isolate themselves and be distant and cold towards humans. These dogs need to learn how to trust again and eventually, they will.


They might have lived a life of neglect and abandonment before, but because the world is still filled with good souls, these dogs are given a second chance at life.


With decades of experience in dog training, rescue rehabilitation, and service dogs training, Rhonda has already mastered how it is to interact and undestand dogs. She is also a canine behavious specialist that has been working with dogs for 45 years.


Success stories for animal rescues are the best. And although it can be challenging, it is never impossible!


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