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Going For A Drive With Your Dog? Here’s Why You Need To Buckle Them Up.

Traveling with our canine buddies is a great way to spend time with them, but on the road, it’s also important to make sure they’re also safely buckled up! Hence, the need for doggy seatbelts.
Photo from Lolit Bunda

Photo from Lolit Bunda

Seatbelts do not just ensure you dog’s safety, but your very own as well. Dogs that are not buckled up might suffer serious injury in case the car suddenly comes to a stop. Or they might suddenly be in the mood to play and can jump on your lap, while you’re driving. Not safe.


As a response to these safety concerns and to protect everyone, including the dog, the humans int the car, and everyone else on the road, laws have also been passed to require seatbelts for our canine friends.


To know more about the importance of doggy seatbelt, visit this post from the Animal Wellness Magazine.


With seat belt laws in place for humans, laws are now being passed that require animals to buckle up as well. In Maine, Connecticut and Arizona, for example, you can be charged for driving with an animal on your lap, under these states’ distracted-driving laws. Similar laws also apply in New Jersey and Hawaii and could soon be enacted in Rhode Island as well.


“It’s a safety factor,” says Dr. Franc Von Esse, Director of Emergency Services at St. Frances Veterinary Center in New Jersey. “Not only will unrestrained animals injure themselves and their people, but the distraction of a moving dog or cat in the car can cause an accident. I’ve seen injuries range from minor to fatal because of basic blunt force trauma during a crash.”


Test simulations done by Sleepypod, using a 12-pound canine crash test dummy named MAX, showed that an unrestrained dog will strike a barrier with 650 pounds of force on impact — and that’s at only 30mph! In addition, unrestrained animals will most likely try to escape in a panic if windows are broken in a wreck, and can easily get lost or hit by other vehicles.


Dogs are part of the family and as much as it’s great bring them along, we must also always remember to keep them safe as we drive along.
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