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Good News To Doggies Over Madrid! Free Train Rides For Pooches!

It’s great to drive around with our fur babies and to take them during our trips, may it be even on the nearby park or entertainment place.


But not all of us has our own cars. Hence, we would have to commute with our canine buddies. And as most public transport vehicles do not allow dogs, this one in Madrid is totally changing the game.

The new rules, which came into effect Wednesday morning, still don’t as yet constitute a canine free-for-all. The Spanish capital’s dogs must wear muzzles when they ride and avoid rush hour. And lest they feel like copying the many dogs who have taken to navigating Moscow’s metro alone, they must always be accompanied by their owners.

This four-legged fare amnesty might seem a little overdue, but Spain isn’t the most dog-friendly of European countries. Taking a dog into a Spanish store can raise eyebrows, while last year the Costa Del Sol, southern Spain’s main beach strip, banned dogs from its dunes. Spanish media have resorted to publishinglists of the increasingly rare beaches were dogs are tolerated.

It’s thus no surprise that the free-rides-for-dogs policy hasn’t been introduced quietly. In the comments section of this El Pais article, opponents have predicted that the metro will turn into a canine cesspool, while dog defenders have pointed out that, when it comes to familiar detritus such as vomit and sunflower seed shells, it’s humans that are the real problem.

To know more about the policy on dogs riding the metro in European cities, you can visit the full article here.

Whoa. That’s just awesome. Now, even your canine buddy can share your wanderlust as you explain Spain together! And the best thing, no additional fees. In fact, no fees at all!

Whether you’re traveling with your dog via your own car or through the train, just always remember to keep the safe and secure.

Have a great trip!

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