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Service Dog Meets Celebrity Dog. This Is Just Way Too Adorable!

Sandy Steinblums | Facebook

Sandy Steinblums | Facebook

Everyone gets a little starstruck when they see their idols. For this one little pooch, a trip to Disneyland became much more magical.

So Cute!!! Service Dog in training gets to meet his favorite character Pluto!

Posted by Disney Dorks on Monday, 8 February 2016

Additionally, Ace, the dog’s mum, posted an update on her Facebook account:

this puppy is one I raised (as a volunteer) for Guide Dogs of America — he is training to be a guide dog for the blind. We went to Disneyland for a few hours as a socialization experience — what you didn’t see AFTER the 14-15 seconds video where he settled in a DOWN was his DOWN/STAY for a few minutes while Pluto tried to break his stay. Ace entered his “formal” guide dog training at the end of January. My “job” as a volunteer was to socialize and provide him with obedience training. This was a training outing and I was too far back to correct him, but golly-be….he responded anyway. Yep! That is my boy and I am proud of him and love the Disney characters for being so kind and helpful! It will be 6-9 months of extensive training with licensed trainers before Ace has the opportunity to graduate as a guide dog and has the right match in a human partner.

It’s a dog being excited over Disney’s Pluto! Now how’s that for a great mix of business and fun?

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