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Useful Tips When Traveling With Dogs

It’s always great to travel with our canine buddies and they love it too. Hitting the road together also means spending quality time with our dogs.


So whether you’re going out of town for a much needed break or simply driving over to visit the nearby park, remember that your four-legged pal would surely love to come with you. Include them in the planning of your trip and make sure you pack their bags too.

To help you further, here’s a quick guide about traveling with pets.

Very young pets or old pets are not good candidates for traveling. They are more susceptible to illnesses, and certain short-nosed breeds such as Persian cats or pugs are very sensitive to changes in the air, according to MSN. A vet can properly assess your pet, if you need a second opinion. A clean bill of health may be requested by an airline if you plan to “check” your dog or cat as luggage. For international traveling, pets must be micro chipped and vaccinated, and you must wait several weeks after the vaccinations before bringing them into another country – if you haven’t done this already, it may be too late.

Unless you frequently bring your animals for a car ride, pets are not accustomed to excessive motions other than the pace of their four legs. This can bring on motion sickness in cars, trains or planes, so it is best not to feed your pets on the day of travel. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise and extra food on the day prior.

If you had to be stowed away in a box for several hours, I’m sure you would want to be able to stand and move around. Think about this when selecting a crate. At least three sides should have ventilation to avoid sickness and claustrophobia. If your pets have been pampered and have never needed a crate – or if they have only associated a crate with bad behavior – you must familiarize them with the new “bed” and work to change that message. Try putting some treats or their favorite toys inside of it to get them to go in on their own.

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It might seem a really awesome idea to bring your dog during your travels. Though this is  a great responsibility and requires much planning, the trip would surely be a blast both for you and fido!

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