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Must-Watch: Fresh Pup of Bel Air Raises Awareness For Dog Rescue and Adoption

To raise awareness for animal rescue, fostering, and adoption, The Pet Collective created a dog version the classic Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening clip.

the pet collective will sniff

A real hit back in the 90’s, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was starred by Will Smith. The “dogified” video featured a Pit Bull named “Will Sniff” and even has the wonderful lyrics adjusted to tell his own story. Here’s a feature from BarkPost.

Sniff’s story begins like so many others, “In a West County shelter born and raised in the kennel is where I lived with most of the strays.”

Scene by scene you see the story of what a typical shelter dog goes through. The humor, the drool, the rejection, and the love. Every dog deserves a crisp green lawn and a bone. A special few pups will be so spoiled that they also get a valet, but Will Sniff got the bonus of coming home to the late and great James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on the show.

Check out this MUST-WATCH video below!

Also, here’s the pup-tastic lyrics grabbed from The Pet Collective’s YouTube channel.

Fresh Pup of Bel Air

Here is my story all about how
My frown got flipped-turned upside down
This’ll only take a minute
It’s quick I swear
I’ll tell you how I got adopted to a family in Bel Air

In West County Shelter, born and raised
In the kennel is where I lived with most of the strays.
Pantin’ and barkin’, slobberin’ drool
The kennels were small, but the workers were cool
After a couple of tries
I got adopted for good
Said they’re gonna take me to their neighborhood
Introduced me to their dog, to see how I fared
They said ‘You’re movin’ with our doggie and kitty in Bel Air’

They waved down a cab, and when it came near
The license plate said pets and adopt in the rear
I jumped in the back and without a care,
I got all excited, ‘Let’s go home to Bel Air!’

I pulled up to the house think man this is great!
A fresh cut lawn! And bones! Smell ya later!’
After a while in the shelter
I’m finally here
I got a new home, I’m the Pup of Bel Air

This is too awesome not to share!

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