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Top Dog Breeds Perfect For Your Apartment

Renting a place is a great solution for young professionals and foreign students who are spending sometime in a new city. It’s also a practical way to move out from home, without having to spend so much on buying a house right away. For dog lovers who are looking forward to bring a canine pal into their new home, check out this AMNY post that features the perfect dog breeds for apartment dwellers.


Havanese “make perfect city dogs,” according to the AKC, citing the breed’s small yet sturdy bodies, adaptable nature and easy way with people. The breed is characterized as outgoing, funny, intelligent, curious, sociable and somewhat active.

French bulldog
The French bulldog is known for being playful, smart, adaptable and completely irresistible, according to the AKC. These dogs are considered small and not very active. They require minimal exercise, preferring to snooze most of the day, and brisk walks will keep them trim.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is characterized as small, affectionate, gentle and graceful. The breed is known for getting along well with children and other dogs, and, good news for your neighbors: They also tend to be quiet. In terms of exercise, the AKC says these dogs do equally well with active types and homebodies, but do require at least one satisfying walk each day. “They can be loyal hiking partners or shameless couch potatoes, depending on the owner’s personality.”

Chinese Crested
Chinese crested dogs are lively, alert, playful, loving and affectionate, and “totally devoted to their humans,” according to the AKC. These dogs are small and require only some exercise. “They are the ideal companions around the house,” the AKC says on its website.

To see more breed perfect for your new place, visit the link here. Congratulations on your new place and for your new puppy! Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

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