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Affenpinscher, the Terrier-like Toy Breed

The Affenpinscher is a petite pooch that’s ten times smaller than the largest dog. They originated from Germany and got their name because of how they look like. These cute little dogs literally look like little monkeys. They are one of the oldest toy breeds and were used to get rid of the rat population in the 1700 era.

All in all, Affenpinschers are:
* content with indoor exercise
* have many inherited health problems
* in need of grooming twice a week
* difficult to train
* good family dogs but not good for family with small children

Affenpinscher makes a good house dog. It may be a challenge to train them but with perseverance, you can make them obedient. They will be a perfect addition to your growing family. Give them love and care they deserve and they will be the most loyal friend you can ever have.

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