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This Guilty Dog is So Desperate for Forgiveness!

We’ve seen a lot of guilty dogs in the past.. and admit it, they’re just the cutest! But this dog is one of a kind.. Meet Ettore, the Labrador. He did something really bad and now that he realized it, he just can’t take it when his owner is mad at him. Watch their conversation below:

Isn’t it adorable? Ettore was so sorry for what he did. If he could talk, he could have said “Sorry, I will not do it again!”. It seems like his owner is enjoying what he’s doing as well. Who wouldn’t? He’s so sweet!

Ettore is just an example of the many adorable dogs out there. Regardless of the breed, age, and type, dogs make our life better. They give us hope, love, and care even on times we least expect them. They can be our rock, our anchor. They sure have their own ways to make us happy and feel the love we deserve.

Will you forgive this guilty dog? Of course!

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