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Afghan Hound, The Majestic Dog

Afghan Hounds used to be known as the king of the dogs. They were one of the oldest dog breeds. In fact, according to some legends, it was believed that the dogs that rode the Noah’s arc were Afghan Hounds. They came from Afghanistan and in their country, you can see these dogs depicted on the wall.

They were bred to hunt deer, gazelles, and leopards. In fact, they can run about 40 mph. Because of their body shape, they are really fast.

Today, they are known as the runway supermodels in dog world because of their awesome beauty.

All in all, these awesome, majestic dogs are:
* requires an hour of daily running
*are sensitive to pain
* require daily brushing
* respond to gentle training
* best with families with older kids.

What do you think about this breed? Do you have an Afghan Hound? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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