Dog Videos

You will absolutely love these dogs!

Vine is a cool application where people film their selves for at least 15 seconds. The goal is to make these seconds interesting and keep the people from viewing your vines. But aside from interesting stunts, people found out one of the best and the most interesting topics to vine – DOGS! Of course, who would resist their amazing charm.

These awesome dogs were not filmed and shared on Vine for nothing! They deserve to be on the spot light for being the most adorable dogs. No special preparation needed. They just expressed their awesome selves and just enjoyed being dogs. Hilarious!

This video above just shows how adorable dogs are and how entertaining it is to watch them just playing around and being goofballs! You will absolutely love these dogs! Check them out!

Is your dog Vine worthy? Share your thoughts on the comments section below or better yet, share your dog’s vine videos!

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