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Pugs are awesome!

Do you love Pugs? These little, wrinkly dogs are just amazing! They have their own way in making everyone happy! They are just so cuddly and awesome. Aside from that, they have amazing temperament and are very funny. They will make you smile and laugh and at the same time, will melt your heart.

This video is a compilation of awesome and funny pugs. Pugs that hate water. Pugs with hilarious reactions on common situations. They are amazed with their own farts!

Just by seeing their awesome reactions, your day will be made! You can imagine how fun it is to come home from a long day at work seeing these adorable Pugs.

Pugs have their own special way to make us feel happy and loved. They have a good sense of humor that will make you laugh by just watching them do their silly antics.

Do you have a Pug?

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