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A growing number of stoned dogs being treated daily in Colorado

After the delegalization of Marijuana in 2014, the number of stoned dogs cases is continuously increasing. According to Colorado hospitals, there are at least 5 dogs that ingested edible Marijuana in just a single day.

Dogs were said to sniff or eat marijuana inside their homes or even on parks. All of these dogs are then brought to hospitals to be treated. Dogs brought in within four hours of ingesting the drugs are induced to vomit, while others are put on an IV and are forced to wait out the high.

One of the most recent cases treated by Wheat Ridge was Cocoa, a 13-week-old golden doodle who went for a walk with her family through the outdoor amphitheater Red Rocks.
However, upon returning home to Lakewood, the dog was unresponsive.
Her head was just shaking back and forth,’ Cocoa’s owner Linda Gryski told KWGN.
She kept wobbling and falling over … I was really nervous she was drying
– Owner of dog with marijuana intoxication
‘We were trying to get her to walk and she kept wobbling and falling over.’
‘We’re so attached to her and I was really nervous she was dying.’
Gryski said that doctors at Wheat Ridge recognized the symptoms immediately and asked if she smoked pot.
‘They proceeded to ask me several times and I was getting frustrated,’ she said, stressing that she did not smoke marijuana.

The number of stoned dogs continues to grow. As a fur parent, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your dog and make sure they don’t ingest or sniff Marijuana or any kind of substances that might be dangerous for them. Always be cautious and bring your dogs to the hospital immediately if you see signs of being stoned.

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