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Diabetes in Dogs and Cats Rose to 900% in The Past 5 Years in UK!

Source: Think Stock

With the growing number of obese dogs and cats in the past five years, you can guess that it comes with associated disease. Surprisingly, the number of diabetes cases in dogs and cats rose to 900%! It goes to show that more and more cats and dogs are being diagnosed with this lifestyle disease.

Animal Friends conducted a study to 9000 pets. With 1161 percent increase, cats are more at risk from this disease. Meanwhile, dogs came close with about 850% increase!

The study revealed that the British Shorthair was the most diagnosed cat, followed by the Burmese, Foreign Shorthair, Maine Coon and then the Abyssinian.

The most commonly diagnosed dog is the West Highland Terrier followed by the Labrador, King Charles Spaniel, Husky and Miniature Schnauzer.

It is not known whether the diagnoses are due to the genetics of the breed or lifestyles of the pets.

But the study revealed how in 2011 just 309 cats and dogs had been diagnosed with diabetes compared to a whopping 2,877 in 2015.

Last year the PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, released a report which estimated by 2020 obese animals would be more common than healthy ones.

The report also estimated that a quarter of a million dogs in the UK don’t get walked at all.

Along with the rates of diabetes rising in pets, the amount of humans living with the condition has almost quadrupled since 1980.

Dog and cat owners should avoid giving their pets processes food with artificial ingredients. Give them healthier options like raw diet instead to keep them healthy and prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

It will also help if you create a healthier, more active lifestyle for them. Get them up for a walk or play with them. Proper diet and exercise will keep your dog happy and healthy.

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