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Police are Hunting down Gangs Stealing Dogs for Illegal Dog Fighting

Source: Flickr

These dogs were forced to fight with each other..

In Catalonia, the police men are looking for organized gangs who have been stealing dogs to be used in illegal dog fights.

Last Sunday, a girl reported that two men talked to her and seemed so interested with her Border Collie named Bimba.
She said she heard one of the men saying that Bimba would be a good sparring partner to their other dog.

The Catalan police force Mossos d’Esquadra confirmed that they are on the look out for criminal gangs responsible for organizing illegal dog fights after a spate of thefts across Catalonia.

“The gangs cruise around in vans looking for suitable dogs. They often follow dog walkers home and then steal the animals from private gardens and homes,” the police warned.

There are numerous reports about missing dogs in Reus, Tarragona, Maresme, Lleida, and Creixell. The gang is targeting large breeds for dog fights like Pitbulls and Bulldogs.
The police men are still looking for clues that will lead them to these gangs.
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