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Teaching Dogs to Speak is Possible

Yes, these vests can help our dogs to communicate with us better!

Yes, these vests can help our dogs to communicate with us better!

Isn’t it great if we can talk to our dogs? It will surely make communication easy. You will understand what your dog wants, needs, and feels.

That’s what Melody Jackson thought. She believes that making dogs talk will make it easier to communicate with them in doing important activities like search and rescue, bomb detection, and therapy.

She created a best for dogs that sends signals to a mobile app that can translate what the dog wants to say, or at least what she wants to understand.

Jackson believes there are personal applications for this technology as well.

“What if that dog could reach around and pull a tab on its vest and call 911 with your GPS location, and text your husband: ‘By the way she’s at Starbucks on Fifth and Spring, and she’s having a seizure right now.’ Your husband would know immediately that 911 is on the way.”

The vest could be helpful for a person who cannot speak or a hearing-impaired person. The dog could tell others to get help with the phrase “Excuse me, my handler needs your attention.” Jackson’s dogs are also trained to discriminate between a doorbell or a fire alarm, and to activate the appropriate sensor on their vest to text a message to the handler’s cell phone.

She personally tried and tested these vests to her dogs and they loved it. With these vests, it’s easier for us dog owners to communicate with our dogs. It will also help a lot in service and therapy dogs.

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