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80 Dogs Were Rescued On A Rat Infested House in Indiana

In Indiana, there were about 80 dogs in poor condition rescued on a rat infested house. Neighbors have been complaining of rat infestation and the possible threat they could bring to their health. When the pest control arrived, they found more than 80 dogs living poorly with more than a hundred thousand of filthy rats.

A total of 80 dogs were rescued in a house filled with hundreds of rats!

A total of 80 dogs were rescued in a house filled with hundreds of rats!

Most of the dogs are in poor health conditions. They are malnourished and most of them are covered in fleas and ticks. They also found dogs who just gave birth to puppies and even puppies without their moms.

Paul Purcell, the owner of the house, just wanted to get rid of the rats. However, the number of dogs and their condition aren’t healthy. 56 dogs were rescued first and the rest were rescued later in the week.

Owen County Sheriff Leonard Hobbs told WishTV.Com: “They were just living in filth. You see stuff like this on TV but when you’re first hand looking at it, it takes you back. It kind of takes your breath away a little bit.”

He said someone called his office to complain about rats on their property and when investigators responded they found the dogs.

Greg Parker of pest control company Inter Tec said there were at least 100,000 rats found on the property but this did not include those which had spread to neighbouring homes.

Now, the Owen County Humane Society is asking for all the help they can get – donations of bleach, towels, dog food, and anything else that the dogs would need.


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