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Three Dogs Died After Drinking Water on St Aiden’s Nature Reserve

St Aidens Nature Preserve

St Aidens Nature Preserve

An unfortunate situation happened when three dogs at three different occasions drank water from the St. Aiden’s Nature Reserve’s lake. After the investigation, the police figured out that the lake is infested with toxic algae.

Now, the Environment Agency continues their investigation about the blue-green algea that produces toxins. Vets advise pet owner to never all their dogs to drink or enter the said water body.


A Springer Spaniel collapsed recently after swimming in the lake. Though the dog made a full recovery, it’s best to avoid this lake until the toxins have been removed.

Alva Jackson, the spaniel’s owner, said: “She was a bit wobbly, I thought she had just overexerted herself.

“Within no time at all she was laid down and she didn’t want to move, it was extremely frightening. I wasn’t aware of the dangers in the water at the time.”

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For all the owners out there, it’s never good to let your dogs drink on lakes, puds, muddles, etc. The risk of getting diseases is high. Always carry a water bottle for your dog to drink. Always make sure that your dog drinks clean water so they won’t get diseases. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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