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Weird Dog Breeds You Never Heard Of…

10 Rare Dog Breeds You would like to know

Plan to adopt a rare dog breed? What are some of the uncommon features that may surprise you? You may find it strange as compared to the regular and most common dog breeds in the U.S include Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, Poodle, Rootweiler, Dachshund.

How to know and understand about rare dog breeds and how different are they from the regular pets. Let us know about them.

Called with the nickname of Monkey Dog, this cute little dog has a personality in appearance. With fur, terrier body and squashed face, this pet dog gives a unique look. Additionally, its hair is thick around the chest and shoulders. Some of the common colors are silver, gray, red, tan and biege.

Being strange as well in appearance, the name is slightly difficult to pronounce, but can be said as “Sho-lo-eets-quint-lee”. Also known as Mexican hairless, this dog breed has a long history in Mexico and was considered sacred by the Aztecs. It was believed among ancient Aztecs that dogs would help to find the souls in the underworld who were their masters.With long neck, at ears, almond eyes and a sleek body, this dog looks tender.

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With heavy coat and looking cumbersome, this dog is very light and agile. This being a very unique breed, the dreads are called as cords that begin to grow at the age of 9 months. So this puppy requires regular grooming.

Cambodian Razorback Dog
Although it appears as a normal dog, it is known for its razor down his back. Being a tropical dog, it has some uncommon long coat especially for a dog that lives in warm areas. Found all over Cambodia, this is a territorial dog, but they do not bark unless there is a real need. As a friendly and loving dog, for the first time owner, there is much to face with during adoption.

Another dread-locked dog with different and unique look. It does not have dreadlocks but the coat has three form different types of hair which is arranged as thick and easy mats. The mats begin from the spine and go down. Born with fur, the mats gets arranged quickly as the pet grows.

Lagotto Ramagnolo
This dog is very unique but may not appear as a different dog. It has curly and thick wool hair that may be said hypoallergenic. But most important aspect to know about this dog is that it has the ability to search for truffles. Otherwise known to be done by pigs, this job is easily performed by this pet. It is also a great companion for anyone.

Appearing as a large dog, it comes as a small pack of dog. Most often called as “Little Lion Dog”, this is the rarest dog in the world and also known as most expensive dog in the world. Ranging from seven inches to thirteen inches, this dog has a long and wavy coat. Its hair does not curl and it has no undercoat. Known for its intelligence and friendly nature, this breed definitely makes a very good pet if you can buy one.

Bedington Terrier
Little dog looking as a lamb, it is the most loving and friendly dog. With pear shaped heads, triangular ears and fur, its fur is similar to the curly hair of sheep. Known as a fighter, the dog gives a very good and docile appearance. The fur on the legs and head helps the dog to prevents from getting, when it hunts.

Neapolitan Mastiff
With a very strange appearance, having loose skin that folding over the face, there are many wrinkles all over their body but they are very much apparent on the face and head. During the time of pet cleaning, more care is required to be assigned to the wrinkles to prevent acne and infection. With its unique appearance, Neapolitian Mastiff played Fang in Harry Potter.

Chinese Crested
Known to be the ugliest dog breed, this dog has no hair except on the top of its head, paws and tail. It gives a very unique appearance. In spite of the fact that most of its fur is exposed it is very sensitive and sunscreen needs to be applied if this pet is spending too much time in the outside environment. It is also required to be given regular bathing and apply moisturizer to prevent dry skin and infections.

Appearing as unique and very different from the other breeds, this dog definitely makes a great pet and it brings a large crowd. People will always ask you to explain about this breed.


True that you plan to adopt most common breed pets that will help you with quick understanding and knowledge. But as you to get to know about the rare breeds, you will get to know the differences, nature, upbringing and all the essentials you need to groom a rare breed pet.

But it definitely essential to get access to all the health information, food and other requirements before you adopt a pet. Because it is a responsibility that you should pay more attention to in order to keep the pet more healthy and safe at your home. Owning a rare pet is a proud moment, but there are many challenges that come along with it. This necessitates that you consult a dog professional and seek dog counseling in order to make it comfortable and you are also satisfied.

The personality, appearance, inherent nature and abilities may differ from every breed. Therefore it becomes necessary to know every minute detail in order to stay successful in taking care of your pet carefully. It may appear as a big task, but as you read and understand about rare pet breed, you will soon be comfortable about its food habits, medication, lifestyle and so many other aspects. Also these are very expensive and you need to set your monthly budget carefully.

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