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Dawgs Annual Fun Day Brought Hundreds of Dogs and Dog Lovers in Action


It was another fine day filled with sports and adventure during Dawgs Annual Fun Day. The canine re-homing charity organized another fun event and it’s indeed successful. Hundreds of dog owners along with their dogs came and join the fun!

The event – Day in the Country With Dawgs – included “seven-legged” races where people and their pets were tied together, and dog shows with a focus on “fun” rather than perfection.

Aside from their fun races, there were also doggy tea party tents, barbecue, and a whole lot of fun games. Every one seemed to enjoy this event held at Aberdeenshire estate on May 29th. Dogs, puppies, kids, and adults all joined different games. The people also enjoyed their fun dog show that showcased dogs in all shapes and sizes.

It was thought that this event raised hundreds of pounds to help in re-homing rescued dogs. In fact, this was one of the largest fund raisers the foundation had this year.

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