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New Drug Hoping To Help in Treating Dog Anxiety


Like humans, dogs also suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to communicate how they feel. Therefore, as a responsible owner, your job is to be on the look out of signs that your dog may have anxiety. However, not all people are well informed about dog anxiety. They are not aware what their dogs are experiencing.

Have you ever seen your dog tremendously shaking when they hear a loud noise like thunder or fireworks? Each dog has different responses, but this experience causes dog anxiety. Dogs have more sensitive sense of hearing. That’s why, every time they hear loud sounds, they are alarmed. However, there’s no real reason why dogs are afraid of these loud sounds and it’s natural. Like us humans, we are also uncertain about our fears and why we fear them.

Sure, we can’t console our dogs during these times. But recently, there’s a new drug created to help dogs who experience this kind of stress.

So what do you do with a fearful Fido? While training may help, medication is the usual answer, Albright said. There are several drugs on the market and a new one, Sileo, which she said should be a big help. New Jersey-based veterinary drug maker Zoetis announced last week that Sileo will be available through veterinarians within about a week.

Unfortunately, this medication will not be instantly available in all vet clinics nationwide. Meanwhile, what you can do to help your dogs suffering from anxiety is try to create a calm environment. Give them a comfortable place to hide and water to drink.

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