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Bathe Your Dog The Right Way: Essential Tips To Remember When It’s Bath Time For Your Dogs

No matter how simple it may seem for any dog owner to say that they can bathe their pets, the reality is that it is not at all easy as 1-2-3.  It takes more than just buying the best dog shampoo or having a tub or a water hose.  It may surprise you to discover that it may involve behavioral science behind it including the understanding the language of your furry pal.


To bathe one’s dog requires a great deal of confidence that you can be in control of your pet.  It reaches a point that bathing your dog becomes a major test of trust between the owner and the dog, making you have a final say on whether you two truly belong to each other as best friends for life.  A successful dog bath time depends a lot on the relationship between the owner and the pet which includes understanding each other’s body language.  It could even be much more of a surprise to discover that it is the dogs who can read the body language of humans better than people understand their pets.

To make the bathing process a lot easier to comprehend and handle the next time you do it, here are some helpful guidelines to start with:

Wait For The Perfect Timing
It is highly important to bathe your dog on a schedule that you will allot sufficient time for.  You, as the human, must be able to project that the time you are about to spend with your dog is actually fun and refreshing.  In this simple way alone, you can start off good in making your dog feel less anxious about taking a bath.

Get Physical
It can also be helpful to play with your dog first before proceeding to taking a bath.  It won’t hurt if you can walk your dog first and let them enjoy the outdoors.  Besides, this is the perfect time to let them be rugged and be muddy.  Taking your dog out before the actual bath time will make them easier to control since they will lessen their tension as they get a bit more exhausted.


The Right Place For Your Dog’s Bath Time
There is a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to washing up your dog.  You can end up on your own bathtub, in your backyard using a water hose, in the nearby lake, or bring him to a dog grooming shop.  Don’t get me wrong when I say bring your dog to the groomer.  Search for modern pet grooming shops of today that allow self-service options.  A good and reliable example of this is The Pooch Parlor owned and led by DuAnn Lustig-Chambers.  These self-service wash facilities for pets are packed with all the right equipment to make the process of bathing your dog easier to accomplish than just settling for your own efforts at home.


Whichever venue you may end up choosing to wash up your dog, it is important to consider both of your limitations.  If you do not mind causing some mess inside your own bathroom, then feel free to bathe your doggy in your home.  You must also take into consideration the type of breed you have and the kind of environment your dog is used to.  For example, a farm dog would surely feel more comfortable being tied in a fence and be washed using a water hose instead of being bathed indoors.

Feel For Your Dog
Do not ever deprive your dog from experiencing a relaxing bath time with you.  The more that you will keep him away from such an experience, the more that your pet’s anxiety will start to grow.  No matter how scared or nervous your dog may be during bath time, you will be surprised to see that they will eventually calm down way before you notice it.  Your dog must develop a sense of trust with you, so that they will allow you to wash them up.

Do Not Forget The Praises and Treats

Once you observe your dog being calm and relaxed for the bath experience, then do not ever forget the value of giving praises and dog treats.  No wonder there are dogs who carry with them their waterproof plush toys, like that of a rubber ducky to a human baby, that will help ease out their stress and make them feel relaxed all the way.


When It’s Time To Dry Up

After the wet messy part, it is time to finally dry up your dog properly.  This steps varies especially according to the type of dog breed you own since their texture of hair or fur are all different from each other.  Make sure that you have a high power dryer to use if you own a dog breed which has thick and double coat layers.  Some of these breeds include the herding types, the collies, huskies, or poodles among others.

Do not forget to also place some cotton in your dog’s ears before you turn on the dryer.  This is for the simple reason that its loud sound can make the dog turn irate.  Start using the dryer on the back part of the dog and move towards the head gradually.  Continue on the process until there is no water dripping from the dog’s body parts.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The final and most genuine tip or step to take in bathing your dog is to stay calm.  In this way, your dog will feel this vibe from your and will adapt the same cool attitude over the bathing experience.  Do not forget to top off the bathing time with other dog cleaning essentials like brushing their hair, trimming their nails, brushing their teeth or cleaning their ears.

There are many resources online that you can refer to including step-by-step videos from professionals to help you carry out this task successfully.

Good luck dog lovers!

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