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Most Kept Secrets Revealed! Select The Best Dog Food For Your Furry Pal

Have you been doubting yourself consistently whenever you hit the store if you are grabbing the right chow for your furry pal? Then we’re hoping that this short guide will help you finally gain confidence in selecting the best dog food for your pet.

Note though that it is still important to consult your veterinarian if your dog has special dietary needs due to allergies or any other uncommon conditions.


So here are some of the most kept secrets in selecting the best dog food for your pet.  Some of them are easy to spot in the grocery for as long as you actually know what you are looking for.

Meat vs Grain                 

When choosing the ideal dog food, it is essential to choose the ones that are meat based than the grain based.  You will notice the more often you visit the pet supplies stores that the dog foods of lesser quality are those that are based on grain while the top kinds are those based on either fish, poultry or fish.  However, of course, the meat based are costlier since they contain more luxurious ingredients but certainly more nutritional in value.

Many dog owners settle for the low types just to save more on the money.  But not many realize that you can actually save more in the long run when you settle for the higher quality dog food.  This is for the reason that dogs do not get hungry fast when they eat the healthier meals and even pass less stool.

Meat To Meet A Healthy Life

Meat is so important for dogs since this is a primary source of their energy, ideally from the proteins and fat.  Top quality meat comprises of all the essential vitamins, nutrients and mineral that they need to live a healthy life.  However, most dog foods that can be found on grocery shelves contain more carbohydrates than the much needed proteins.  This is for the mere reason of that they can stay in the shelf longer and way cheaper.


Many experts believe that dogs need protein better than fiber and carbohydrates, and that the latter two serve as just mere substitutes to render pet owners a lower price of products to pay for.

Take the Time To Read

When you shop for the perfect dog food, remember to take the time to read the list of ingredients.  Do not just depend on the food label if it is high or low in protein.  Check it out if the protein source is absorbable.  It is helpful to note that the content of protein in your pal’s dog food should be at a minimum of 30 percent source from top quality meat like chicken, lamb, venison or beef.

We’re not saying that you should totally avoid grain based diet especially if you are keeping a tight budget.  All that we would like you to reconsider is to include in your dog’s meal the presence of high quality dog foods each time your budget affords it.

This goes the same for the fatty acids that are needed in any dog’s diet.  It is the fats that render not just the energy that your dog requires to live healthy but also adds seasoning to their meals. The content of fat used in dog foods that are needed should be at least at 18 percent and commonly from beef, pork, chicken, fish or salmon oil, etc.

So What Happens If The Budget Is Always Tight?

If it is your budget that always fails you when choosing the best quality dog food, you can always settle to make your own for your loveable pal.  You can take hold of your free table scraps that are composed of meat for as long as they are easy to digest and have sufficient fat and protein content.


There are also tons of healthy dog meal recipes you can research online that you can cook and prepare on your own.  Just be aware of some seasonings that can be dangerous for your dogs if they get to consume it such a onions, garlic, raisins, macadamia, avocado and grapes among others.

Review Your Dog Food Quick List

Let’s review your dog food quick list to help you recap everything easier we have talked about easily:

  • Make sure the primary ingredient is meat of any kind.
  • Steer away from dog food that has too much flour, grain, wheat, corn, soy, sugar, sauces and other by-products.
  • As much as possible, choose the dog food that can specifically name the meat and fat source.
  • Avoid the dog food products that are grain based.


Do Your Very Best For Your Dog

Whatever is the amount of budget that you can work around with, do your very best to provide your dog with healthy and nutrition packed meals to consume.  Aim for proper nutrition for your pets by making sure that their food has at least 30 percent of protein and 18 percent of fat based on a meat source.

If you want to delve into the specifics of creating the proper diet for your dog, do not hesitate to pay your vet a visit.  It is best to consult an expert all for the love of your dog. Remember, food plays a huge role in allowing your dog to live a long and healthy life to spend more years with you in the coming times ahead.


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