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Shake It Off! Top 12 Reasons Why Dogs Tremble Unveiled.

There is no reason to feel abruptly worried when you find your dog at a trembling state.  You might be surprised that there are numerous reasons why our furry pooch shake.

Here we unveil the top 12 reasons why fido trembles or shake all of a sudden.

  1. Baby it’s just cold outside.

This is totally not surprising especially if your dog belongs to the short coat breed category.  They shake their bodies to gather up some heat when muscles move or contract.  What you can simply do is warm them up to stop the shaking.  Give him a nice bed or just a mere warm blanket.


  1. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Dogs can get too excited with so many different stuff that they express this by trembling.  It could be that they are excited to munch on some meals or just want to chase after an insect or any other animal.  They tremble when they await something.  But of course, the nicest thing that you want to hear that they get excited about is when they see you after being apart for a long time.


  1. Get your attention.

Sometimes, there are dogs that use the gesture of trembling just because they discovered that this will get your attention.  If their shaking makes you feel nervous instead of being pleased, then just ignore the gesture.  Do not forget to reward the pet with some treats once they seek affection and attention from you without having to shake their bodies.

  1. Scooby Dooby Doo Scared.

Just like a scared human being, dogs also tremble or shake when they feel extremely frightened or nervous.  Some of the usual stuff that scare them to the point of shaking include hearing thunderstorms, up and coming rain, fireworks, traveling in a vehicle, visits to the vet, grooming time, any loud noise or even when meeting with people or dogs they do not know. During times like these, comfort them and hold them close to you and reassure them by mere action that they are safe with you.


  1. Poison ivy.

The worse reasons why dogs tremble is that they may have been poisoned.  They may have accidentally consumed or was given poisonous stuff like chocolates, harmful chemicals, and even contaminated food among others.  These could lead to them even throwing up or suffering from diarrhea.

  1. Beware of the distemper virus.

The distemper virus can often affect pups before they even become adults and they have missed on the vaccination.  The symptoms of this virus include shaking that lead to seizures. Other warning signs include fever, cough, and even nasal discharge.

  1. Kidney ailment.

Shaking caused by a kidney ailment for dogs is often tagged with your best furry pal wanting to drink a lot and urinating more. The trembling part could just follow as his ailment progresses.  It is best to bring him to your vet to undergo the right therapy.

  1. Addison’s.

Here is another disease that dogs can have which including shaking in the primary symptoms.  Other potential warning signs include being undernourished and could even lead to worse health problems for your dog.  Discuss early on with your vet for possible causes.

  1. White Dog Shaker In Small Breeds.

This white dog shaker syndrome is common to happen in small dog breeds that cause them to share and brings trembling to their entire bodies.  Usually, they are diagnosed as just mere anxiety related behavioral problems in dogs.  Hence, it is much better and safer to consult your vet about your dog’s condition.

  1. Old Age.

If your dog happens to be in the old age stage of their lives, sometimes shaking or trembling is part of their deteriorating.  This may be caused too by muscles that have weakened through time, sometimes matched with some arthritis problems.


  1. Signs of Pain.

Shaking or trembling can be a huge sign of pain from your dog.  When your furry pals are in pain, they could show restlessness, swollen pupils, lethargic, in hiding, poor coat quality, empty stare, and appetite that has died down.  If you think that the shaking is quite unusual already or if your gut instinct tells you it is really something worse, then do not hesitate to bring your dog to the vet instead.

  1. Feverish.

Lastly, when your dog is trembling or shaking, it could be that he or she has a fever.  Just as how you will comfort and treat any human being who is sick and feverish, render the same treatment to your dog.  If you happen to have a rectal thermometer, then use it and if his temperature level if way more than 104 degrees, then you must bring your pet dog immediately to the vet.  You should by then treat it as an emergency.

Above all, you can detect the cause or reason behind your dog’s trembling or shaking if you take the time to get to know your best bud’s behavior through time.  You will be amazed yourself on how connected you can be with your pet and that even without words, you will be able to understand each other and successfully comfort each other without a sweat.


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