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Keep Your Dogs Feeling Cool This Summer. Discover How Here.

Just imagine how dogs feel when the summer months are around.  The pooches are sure to get bored especially if they want to go out and play but the sun is too high and the heat is too much to endure.  Not to mention that it could be extremely bad for them too when the temperature gets way too high.

When summertime gets into way too serious for your furry pals, here are great tips to consider to keep everything under “cool” control.


Keep Your Eye On The Water Dish.

This does not need brain surgery to understand.  However, this is still worthy to be included in the reminder list of every pet owner since most of us tend to truly forget at times that our dogs have already ran out of water.  During hot summer days, they tend to drink a lot more than the usual.

Get Them A Kid’s Pool.

This is also the perfect time to get your dog a mini pool.  If your pet is not a fan of bath time, then keep the shampoo and other grooming essentials out of sight.  Invite your pooch into it and make them feel and understand to the best of your ability that it is not about taking a bath this time, but just merely play time!


The Power of Physics

It could be also worth your while to help your dog’s sweat evaporate faster by swiping their paws with cotton drenched in rubbing alcohol.  It comes with less hot temperature point compared to water and can evaporate way rapidly.  So this is a nice thing to do if you have doubts that your dog’s body temperature is getting way too high and you want the body heat to evaporate fast.  Just do not overwork it.  This is one reason why humans who have high fever are also wiped with towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to help keep the temp down.

Get Them The Cold Treats

Try to have some cold dog treats in stock.  Search for some dog ice cream in groceries or pet shops or just make your own homemade ice cream.  You can search the Internet for ingredients and step by step procedures in making those frozen broth popsicles.  Believe me, they would enjoy these cold treats to cool down for the summer just as much as you love to get your own ice cream.


Make Some Cold Flooring

If you find your dog suddenly lying down on some cold feeling tiles or inside your bathroom, especially in the shower area, then they are definitely feeling hot.  If you do not have any cold tiled flooring inside your home or you simply do not want them to hang out inside your bathroom for hygienic purposes, then you can prepare a cold wet towel where they can lie on.

Gear Them Up!

Head to the pet store and try to look for clothing, gadgets and any other stuff that can help your dog feel way cooler during the summer season.  You can even start off with purchasing dog shoes for when you go out on walks and the pavement can get too hot for their paws as well.  If your furry pal usually stay outside, then make sure they hang out where there is sufficient shade so that they can steer away from direct heat from the sun.


Get Some Grooming Done.

It can be truly helpful to get them groomed in summer cut where they coats are trimmed short.  If their undercoat is not well maintained, then their insulation won’t be able to work that efficiently since it is actually a part of their cooling system.  This is important to remember especially if your dog breed belongs to those who have double coats.

Be sensitive for your dog.

Remember that your dog cannot speak.  So it is up to you to observe well to be able spot their needs during the summer season.  If you truly love them, be sensitive for them.  Feel for them.

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