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These Three Dog Rescue Stories Will Move Your Spirit And Make You Adopt Your Own Soon.

It is not everyday that you get to hear truly moving stories of dogs’ lives saved.  But these three dog rescue stories will stand out from the rest since these ones from dog lover Michelle Schenker will surely move your spirit and get to love pooches all the more.

Take the time to read her dog rescue stories through the years.

Meet Storm

Storm is a black lab mix whose look is made more interesting due to its under bite.  Due to his background of a not so easy life, it was not easy for the dog to let go of his own trust issues.  He used to be owned by someone who just does not care about him that the dog finds his own food and eventually his own shelter.

It was a challenge the very first time Michelle brought Storm home to meet his first dog, Domino, a Dalmatian.  But it did not take long before they ended up as great friends – friends for life!  Storm became more confident as trust became more and more established in the new family he now belongs to.  The secret behind getting the trust from Storm is patient from the entire family of Michelle.  They did not turn out impatient in giving Storm all the time he needs to finally feel comfortable and relaxed with all them in the household.



Michelle often describes the relationship of Storm and Domino as the best brothers.  When Domino passed over the rainbow bridge, Storm became devastated.  He just stayed gloomy all the time as if his life has ended too.  And the entire family grieved with Storm.

Meet Bella

To help the family and Storm recover from the loss of Domino, they waited several months to adopt another furry friend.  They began their search online for the next dog pal for Storm who has a gentle and submissive character, potentially female, this time around.

They found Bella at the Forsyth County Animal Control.  She is a yellow lab mix and has a calm nature.  Once again, upon first meeting, the two dogs had their differences sorted out.  But just several days after Bella arrived in their home, Storm is up and alive again and started going back to his normal happy state.  Bella was a perfect fit to the family and since then has turned to become a core member of their pack.



Saying Goodbye To Storm, Saying Hello To Lily

Storm passed away when he was 9 years old due to tongue and throat cancer.  It has progressed to the point that the family only had several days left to spend with him.  They made the most out of Storm’s last days by walking him to all his favorite trails and even fed him with steaks.

Bella seemed fine at first even with the passing of Stormie. But it did not stay long that way.  They noticed as days passed, that she does not go outdoors that much anymore and was not that vibrant all the time to have some fun.  Hence, Michelle’s family decided to get a second dog.



It was such a blessing that their photographer friend shared with them pictures of a dog she had encountered during one of her photo shoots.  The dog was chained her entire life and was close to undernourishment.  The animal control team even forced her owner to give the dog to them for proper care.  Lily has a very trusting and loving character that she did not have any hard time at the shelter and recovered in weight gain.

When Michelle’s family visited her, they fell in love at first sight.  That very afternoon, they filled up the papers for the dog adoption and the following day after that, they went to pick up Lily and brought her home.

They named her Lily after another rescue dog based in Texas and the idea of hope of a new season that is to set on them.  Bella was very welcoming to Lily that they started playing with each other, as if they are soul mates all along.  Bella guided Lily well in exploring the yard, how to play Frisbee, climb up the stairs, and wrestle in the living room.



Lily was still in the process of her continuous recovery from malnourishment.  In fact, she has gained two pounds in the first week that Michelle’s family took her in. Lily is still being treated by the vet for ear infections and skin conditions among others to prevent any bigger health issues in the future.

We hope you all enjoyed reading Michelle Schenker’s stories of love for dogs. We look forward that you would be encouraged to help save dogs’ lives sometime soon.

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