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You’ve Probably Waited for This for So Long. Dog Hair Can Already Be Made Into Clothes!

If you are one of those pet owners who have always wondered if their pet fur can be turned into clothes, then there’s a Melbourne based spinner who can finally offer an amazing answer to this bewilderment.


Out of a huge rise in public demand for the creation of clothes out of dog fur, Marion Wheatland started the business called Spinning Pets Yarn.  The initial response of many to what Ms. Wheatland does is a bit creepy but it took off as a success eventually.

How It All Started

Ms. Wheatland has been a wool spinner for more than two decades.  She was discovered online by a certain May Battista who made an inquiry whether Ms. Wheatland can create a clothing garment out of the fur of her own poodle pet named Mango.


Mango’s owner brought a big bag of clipped fur from her dog and gave it to the spinner.  All the fur provided were woolly and long that were convenient enough to knit, spin and comb and turn into a black vest.

And So It Goes

After everything started with the poodle, the spinner was then approached by another pet owner at the Royal Melbourne Show who wanted a scarf made out of his Samoyed’s fur as a gift he will give his daughter.


Ms. Wheatland became more and more interesting with the pet fur work that she also made a Persian cat scarf for another woman, knitted jacket out of German Shepherd fluff and even some beanies from a Siberian Husky.

She is currently trying out her creative hands on the fibrous fur of an Airedale Terrier owner by her son.

Headed For A Growing Market

The prices of Ms. Wheatland’s creation vary according to the dog breed and condition of the fur. At an average rate though, a pet fur shawl can go as much as $1,000, a simple scarf from $60-$70 while a vest can go beyond $200 to as much as $400.

Ms. Wheatland firmly believes in the growing market of her business.  The prices may really go costly but this is because of all the hardwork and perseverance of the owner with all the process of washing, combing, spinning and knitting she must do.

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