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Wisconsin Adds Up To The List of States Which Allows Getting Dogs Out of Hot Cars


Apart from the three other states in the US that passed the hot car laws, Wisconsin is the latest in the list which will help save lives of both dogs and children who are trapped or left unattended in hot cars.

The law allows any concerned individual to break through anyone else’s car under certain dangerous scenarios when the life of any child or pet may be threatened.  You can also call 911 or any law enforcing authority about what you are about to do.  You can then stay around until the law authorities arrive or the owner of the vehicle gets there.  Or you can also just leave a quick note on the windshield, identifying yourself and what you actually did.


The law was signed by Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor last November.  The other states already applying this law include Tennessee, Florida and Ohio which the latter will only apply its formal implementation by end of August.


Meanwhile, other states that are considering the bill include Massachusetts, New York and California.  Many are hoping though that other 46 states will also adopt and render their own versions to it.

“These Good Samaritan laws can prevent tragedies for people and pets.” -Cory Smith, the Humane Society of the United States’ director of public policy for companion animals.


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