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Get To Know The Man Who Laid Down His Life For His Dogs From The West Virginia Floods.

How much can you sacrifice for the love of your pet dog? Bill Sanders laid down his life to save his dogs from the recent and treacherous West Virginia floods.

WSAZ TV station reported that Sanders was one of the 23 people who passed away in the rushing flood.  The noble man could have saved his life if he decided to get to higher ground the soonest.  But his reason for not doing so was that he did not want to leave his dogs behind.

It was even one of his dogs who discovered his body which was washed upstream.  Two of his dogs were saved but unluckily, the one he was trying to unshackle to save from the flood also did not make it.

With about a thousand homes ruined by the tragic flooding, families are in need of immediate help in the area.  For the animals who have affected, the staff and volunteers of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association have been extending help by delivering pet food and taking in some of them, either for a temporal or permanent basis.

When it comes to the shelter’s wish list, they are hoping that many people would extend help with dog food, cash donations, or by opening your home to adopt any of these pets who have lost their owners along the way.

Feel free to email for any help that you can extend.

Bill Sanders’ remaining dogs were taken cared of by his relatives.  Thank God for someone like Bill.

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