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Laugh Out Loud At These Facts You Never Knew About Dogs

Here’s definitely a good way to start your day right. No matter how long you have been a dog lover, these facts are sure to tickle you up and gain up some new knowledge about your furry best pal.

Dogs Can Be As Intelligent As A 2-Year-Old Toddler


The average can show clear signs of high intelligence.  Like raising a toddler, the dog is capable of learning around 250 words and gestures along with performing not so complicated math problems like counting up to 5.

They Are Not Color Blind

This reality has been proven by scientists who discovered that the main color spectrum for dogs include gray, white, black, blue, violet, and yellow.  Take note of these colors to know how to get their attention the next time around, especially when raising up puppies.

Their Smell Of Sense Is Way Stronger Than Humans

Dogs can smell up to a hundred thousand times better than the average person.  Our noses as humans have about 5 million cent receptors inside but the dog has around 225 million scent receptors.  Talk about that ton of a difference.

Dogs’ Noses Are As Unique As Our Fingerprint


If our finger print patterns are unique, so does the dog’s nose.  Their noses come with unique designs either in swirls, ridges or even creases.  This is one big reason why they rely so much on their sense of smell.

Dogs Have Dreams Like All Of Us


Just like humans, dogs also get to dream of different things, more over related to the experiences they partake in.  They can dream about eating breakfast, walking down the park, or playing with their owners or other dogs. How cute can that be?

Dog Tags In The Military Were Inspired By Pooches


It was way back in the 1850s when dog tags were literally used for pets to meet the needs of dog licensing.  The military caught up on this and used it for soldiers to be easily identified just in case something bad happens to them in one of their missions in the field.

The Husky Coat Should Not Be Shaved


For many Husky lovers, it is important to know that their thick furry coats are very helpful to the breed and does not actually make them feel uncomfortable, opposite to what we humans think.

When Dogs Get Scared Of The Rainy Weather


If you ever wonder why your dog gets way too scared each time the rainy season is around, there is a high possibility that it also pains them.  Yes, it caused them pain when they hear the thunderstorm as it rolls through.  Their hearing is that sensitive that their ears become painful with the noise the thunderstorm creates.

Why They Walk In Circles Before Settling Down

Dogs emulate the technique of flattening up long grass for their comfort before they sleep, similar to how they do it if they are out there in the wild.  It also makes them feel safer according to studies.  So the next time you see your dogs do this, you will never wonder anymore.

Most Dogs Are Not Fans of Hugging

It is important to know for many dog owners that majority of pooches do not like being hugged.  It makes them uncomfortable since to them it could send out signals of dominance.


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