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Pit Bull, The Misunderstood Dog Breed

Many pet lovers out there can be pretty choosy to the point of becoming way too discriminating.  This is particularly in terms of misunderstanding a certain dog breed, which is the Pit Bull.

The very reason why most do not like this dog breed is because of its reputation for being quite a little more aggressive and vicious than the rest of the others.


They allow this thinking to overrule them when it has nothing to do with the dogs really.  The Pit Bulls gained such a credibility because of the humans too who trained them to become fighting dogs.  Hence, the bad reputation should be on the people and not on the breed.

As a Matter of Fact

The truth behind all these? The Pit Bulls are as capable as the rest of the other dog breeds of loving people, for as long as they are raised by kindhearted individuals.  Instead of abusing them to fight and pushing them to hurt each other, why not treat them like your dearest small breed dog? Get them some toys, quality food, or even a comfortable bed to lie on.


Pit Bulls are not natural born fighters but natural born lovers.  At the end of the day, they still belong to the dog breed category who everyone knows as man’s best friend.


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