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Two Dogs Hugging Each Other and Inseparable In A Viral Photo Saved Them From Euthanasia

A viral photo of two dogs hugging each other and inseparable saved them from being euthanized!

The puppies which were named Kayla and Kiera were both in the pound and about to go through euthanasia.  But a miracle worked its way with just one amazing photo that changed their fate.

Their love for one another in the photo was as passionate as the need for their lives not to end in such a manner.

The animal rescue group, Angels Among Us, was the one behind the sharing of the two dogs’ photo.  They also came up with a story plot of the dogs seeking help from the public to help them stay together for always and even be able to find a new home where they can both stay and be well loved.


The photo created a ripple effect through the power of social media and it was known and discovered by many more individuals.  In fact, after just an amazing two hours since the photo was shared online, it immediately became viral.

A good man stepped out and offered adoption for the two sweet and loving dogs.

Now, it is the three of them with their loving new owner!

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