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Ever Wonder If Dogs Can Tell Time? They Sniff It!

We may have read several articles that prove how powerful sniffers dogs can be.  From bombs, foods and even down to diseases, these canine best friends can identify all of these just by the scent of it.  Be more amazed this time around that dogs can actually smell time!

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Dogs expert Alexandra Horowitz shared an astounding observation of the dog’s mind and behavior, particularly in the power of their sense of smell.  Her discovery may well prove how time can actually have a scent but the truth of the matter is that our noses are not as capable as that of the dogs’.    Our pooches have a different set of receptive cells that identify the scent and send all the information to their minds.

Dogs can smell time via the movement of a certain through any room.  This could be the main explanation why they have a certain idea when you are about to come back home.  With the whiff changing through time, dogs can learn the patterns and eventually be able to predict time through the process.



This is how the dog expert and professor who is also the author of Being a Dog, explained it:

“Smells in a room change as the day goes on. Hot air rises, and it usually rises in currents along the walls and will rise to the ceiling and go kind of to the center of the room and drop. If we were able to visualize the movement of air through the day, what we’re really visualizing is the movement of odor through the day. In the mid-afternoon you might feel tangibly on your skin, or see through the light in the window, that it’s afternoon and the sun is half-way in the middle of the sky. The dog, I think, can smell that through the movement of that air through the room.”

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So when you go out of your home to go to work every day, your scent lessens with every hour that you are away, helping your dog to identify the difference.  Maybe, your fido has trained himself by repetitive patterns of when your scent has decreased up to a certain point, it is about the time that you come home.

In short, this yet another magical revelation about dogs prove only one thing.  They are reliable information gatherers just simply through the sense of smell.  So never judge a dog by its nose.  You can never get enough of what it can potentially do.

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