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Pit Bull Buddies save Family From Snake Attack

Two Pit Bulls of the Butt family, Slayer and Paco, are hailed as heroes after protecting their owners from an unexpected snake attack near their home.

It was just a typical day when the granny owner of the two dogs noticed that her two dog protectors were barking heavily on something in the grass. When she spotted that it was a huge poisonous snake, grandma quickly sent the kids inside their house while the two dogs just kept on their guard, face to face with the snake.

Via GladWire

Via GladWire

Unfortunately, the two Pit Bulls were attacked and bitten by the snake which was later on recognized as the copperhead type. It was Slayer who eventually grabbed and shook to death the surprising culprit in the grass.

Both of the dog buddies suffered from an allergic reaction from the multiple snake bites as they were rushed to the nearest veterinary station. Since Slayer was the one who made a closer attack to the snake, he was also the one who suffered more from the incident. Paco was released earlier while it took a bit more of a time for Slayer to recover from the swelling.

Via Frankie's Friends

Via Frankie’s Friends

This story has the happiest of endings, with Paco already up and running around at home, back to his old ways, playfully running around his spacious yard and snuggling up to his family. Via Frankie’s Friends

As the two Pit Bulls wait to be reunited together to their loving family, the grateful granny owner of the two dogs continues to be grateful for the heroic moment that transpired in their lives. She calls Paco and Slayer as her boys and her ever faithful protectors.

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