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One of the very few dog-human reunions that will break your heart. Prepare to cry.

One of the very few dog-human reunions that will break your heart. Prepare to cry.

via Facebook of Kate Griffin

Kate Griffin chanced on a dog who looks exactly like their former pup whom their family gave away and it turns out it is actually the same dog with still the same name, Cami.

It was over the Dogspotting Facebook page that her unplanned reunion with their family dog became viral.

One Fine Day

It was just one ordinary fine day when Kate saw a dog walker with two pooches with the smaller one getting her attention. This was because it looked exactly like their previous Cock-a-poo whom their family gave away when her parents divorced. Kate was just 14 then.

With Kate’s strong instinct that it could be their dog, she first counted the years and thought that Cami, the dog, would be 15 by now.

A Big Surprise

When she got all the courage and guts to cross the street and ask the dog walker for the pooches’ names, it was a huge shock that the smaller caramel colored dog is called Cami. Furthermore, the dog walker gave her a quick background on the dog and told Kate that Cami is already 15 years old and that her present owners got her from another family.

Despite the background of Cami’s personality being a bit aloof to strangers, it became a greater affirmation when she approached Kate on her own and licked her former owner’s face.

“She looked right at me and I almost lost it. I had to keep myself together and just tried to stay in the moment to be happy about seeing her and not sad about how long it had been.” Via

The awesome and tear-jerking dog-human reunion was caught in a photo which Kate Griffin will surely treasure for the rest of her like.

Cami may belong to a different family now, but it was just so nice that Kate got to see her again, especially if it could be the last time since the dog is already at her late age.

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