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Guess Who Loves Playing Pups Together? Selena Gomez with The Weeknd Spotted!

Superstar artists Selena Gomez and The Weeknd made everyone jealous and fans go more gaga over them when the two were spotted spending a date playing with puppies.

Fan photos spread all over social media showing how the hottest celebrity couple of today were seen inside a pet store in New York City. Pictures of the two showed the two famous singers crouching inside a pooch pen and Selena was holding a King Charles Spaniel puppy in her lap.

On the same day, the two were also spotted eating lunch and dinner and also visiting a shop of vintage clothing.

It was not confirmed whether or not the two have plans of getting a puppy together but one thing’s for sure: it was so cool for these two popular music icons to spend time with dogs and puppies as an idea of a sweet and romantic date.

Selena and The Weeknd have been on a roll when it comes to dates lately, between a comedy show and a cozy night in with video games and pizza. But their puppy date definitely takes the cake for their cutest date yet. Via Teen Vogue


September 2: Selena at a pet store with The Weeknd in New York, NY #selenagomez #abeltesfaye #abelena #theweeknd

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