Noble Dog Rescuers Show Their Love To Other Animals By Saving A Hawk

If you happen to be from the Los Angeles area and you are a dog owner, then you must have probably heard of the rescuing team of Hope for Paws.  Through the years, they have been consistently seen in action saving dogs from the most unexpected places, whether it is underneath buildings or right in the highways or the dangerous edge of the mountains.

However, their latest rescue story will astound you since it proves that their love for animals goes more than just for dogs but also for hawks.  The team received a call about a heavily infirmed Red Tail Hawk which truly needed help.

When the team got to the scene, they discovered three birds.  It was a pigeon plus two Red Tail Hawks.  However, one of the hawks had already passed away but the second hawk was really holding on to its dear life.

Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Since the hawk was injured, it tried to bite the founder of the organization who got back to his car and got some gloves for protection of his own hands.  But with much patience and hard work, they were able to get the hawk into the car.

It was later on discovered at the California Wildlife Center that the three birds were electrocuted when they must have probably stood or passed by a powerline.

It has been a good thing that the hawk was saved but its condition is way much more that it had to be put down.  Its legs were burnt and even if they would be amputated, the hawk would have no use to live without their legs.

Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Eldad Hagar/Flickr

Kudos still to the bravery and willingness to help any animal in need of the Hope for Paws team!

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