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Zombie Dogs Seen Wandering Around Chicago. Turns Out They Are Infected Coyotes.

The Hanover Park Police Department in Chicago has already made an announcement over their Facebook page for suburb residents to avoid helping the trending zombie dogs since they are merely coyotes with a disease that can spread to other animals too.

The coyotes were discovered to be suffering from a sarcoptic mange and their zombie like look is caused by severe infection. The roaming mutts may not appear to be aggressive but still the communities around the area where they are spotted are advised to shoo them away.

The police department further gave tips to the Chicago suburb homeowners that they should avoid leaving food in their garbage cans which the hounds can definitely smell and be attracted to.

They suffer hair loss and develop secondary infections, eventually looking like some sort of “zombie” dog. The infections affect their vision, causing them to look for food during the daylight hours. These infected animals are not normally aggressive, but should be avoided at all times. Via Facebook/HanoverParkPoliceDepartment

The coyotes may be known for being nocturnal but now they are forced to search for food during the daytime because the infection of their mange disease affects their vision.


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